Water has MEMORY & Words have IMMENSE POWER! Results of our 30+ DAY EXPERIMENT


The results of our at-home experiment, which was meant to replicate a simple experiment by Masaru Emoto, has disproved the hypothesis that words are empty and have no affect on life and has shown substantial proof to the great deal of power that words hold, and also demonstrates the memory-sustaining ability of water.  

This belief in the power of the spoken word has followed humanity for centuries in various ways through science and studies of psychology and psychiatry, religion & spirituality, and most recently quantum science & the study of particle matter & energy.  It is one thing to learn about these phenomena through reading and practical studies, and another to experience the actual, real-life effects!  

That is why I am so excited to share with you the results of our simple, yet profound, insightful and astounding at-home experiment, and I hope that you can extract some wisdom and understanding which you can then use to make positive and beneficial changes in your life!

Here are some of the results:

1). We learn not only how powerful our words can be, but that WATER HAS MEMORY!  

The water was able to retain the energetic message or vibration in the words day after day after day and then manifest it, or give it physical expression, as a corresponding scent & a corresponding biological effect of molding, fermenting, rotting, or stagnancy, depending on what phrases were spoken.  Water, of which our human body comprises anywhere from 50-85% depending on the different body part or organ, (the brain is comprised of up to 85% water) does not just transmit the different energies around it like a pane of glass does light, but encodes & absorbs & incorporates the energies (in this case words) into its make-up.  

2). Another important lesson is that emotion did not play so much of an impact here.  When we spoke the words into the different glasses, we didn't exactly FEEL rage or hate for one, and then love or affinity for the other.  The main effect was in the WORDS and the resulting energy level at which different words vibrate! This is very much in line with the work of Dr. David Hawkins in his book "Power vs. Force" where he expounds upon the different levels of emotions (which, of course, are fueled by different words) and depicted this in the Map of Human Consciousness.

3). Yet another interesting fact to consider is that the water and the rice didn't go out in search of the words, they merely came in range & in direct contact with the source of the spoken words - us.  Thankfully, our brain has whats termed the RAS - Reticular Activating System - which functions to filter what we have learned to be unnecessary, harmful, or unimportant, and in this way it serves to help manage the "energy overload" and potentially filter some of what is being spoken to, or around us.  This, of course, if unlike how living matter might go about absorbing whatever energies are around it, or directed at it, since it is not known to have a "thinking brain."

4). Lastly, we learn that: of all of the things that can arise for living matter, the one that seems to be most disturbing is the one with no life,  no movement, no real change - the one that was ignored.  

So let us consider these implications, extract knowledge and wisdom from what we may discover, and modify our actions, our words, and our impact! 


a). We can understand that sitting by and "filtering out" or ignoring things that are fueled in negativity may not be the best solution, and that it is crucial for us to carefully select what we watch, the music or shows we listen to, and with whom we keep company...are they speaking life or speaking defeat into and around our "water-filled cellular bodies"?!?!  If we are unable to avoid these influences, then we need to do our part and feed ourselves as much positivity as we can.

b). If we have a choice, the will and the drive to do something, then let us choose to do anything besides sitting by and choosing to do nothing.  Of course, that means within reason and our own abilities.  But, even in the slightest of things, let us be the source from which life-giving thoughts and gestures flow, feeding others in any way we can - the cells of other living beings also contain about 70% water and will remember what has been spoken to or around them.

c). Let us consider how we eat and drink and how we approach our food and water! It is of no real surprise, having seen the results of this simple experiment, why religious bodies and groups choose to bless their water before drinking and speak a blessing over their food before consumption & express gratitude after a meal (such as saying Grace before eating a meal in Christianity or speaking blessings over foods and water in the Jewish faith of which one is "Baruch ata Adonay, Eloheynu Melech haolam, she ha-kol ne-hi-ya be dvaro," meaning "Blessed are You, Lord our GOD, King of the universe, we praise You, that all creations arise by Your word." Don't get me wrong, I've also been known to enjoy a snack or a quick bite in front of the TV here and there without much thought to the show or the content before me, but I believe there is something to be said for approaching everything we ingest or digest with an intention of speaking blessings and generating appreciation & gratitude. And that goes equally so if you have little faith or no faith in a Divine Creator, or you may be an atheist, or a spiritual person - the power of the spoken words and the memory-sustaining ability of water is shown here to be relevant, significant, and valid even without reference to God, or a Higher Divine Force - simply from the perspective of scientific reasoning & experimentation.


DAY 10:


(forgive me for my amateur videography skills and for not figuring out a way to rotate the screen to make it easier to water!)

I would love to end by "speaking" written blessings into your life, heart & mind, and relating to you that I believe you are fearfully & wonderfully made, you are powerful beyond your own understanding, well-able, lovable, you are more than enough as you are, you were created to contribute something unique and special to our world, and you have seeds of awesomeness and greatness waiting to sprout - seeds of creativity, amazing discoveries, strength, and power!

Your nurse hypnotherapist,

Bracha Oriana Fishman

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