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Bracha Oriana Fishman combines a unique set of techniques and modalities, tailored to each individual uniquely, to provide the most optimal environment in which clients undergo positive change, healing, empowerment, and transformation.  The mental health counseling services include an array of counseling techniques from SFBT, or Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Narrative Therapy, CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy, the RTT Hypnotherapy technique by Marisa Peer, the Krasner hypnotherapy method, energy medicine of Donna Eden & energy healing, meditations & fantasmic envisaging, as well as other wellness techniques such as sound therapy and aromatherapy, to create an optimal state and environment for fostering positive changes.  PLEASE KEEP IN MIND:  although Faith-Based Therapy is used as a form of treatment - IT IS NOT MY OWN FAITH that guides the treatment, but EACH, INDIVIDUAL CLIENT'S views on their religion, or spirituality, or lack thereof, THAT GUIDES AND DETERMINES what FAITH-BASED treatment will look like.  I neither preach, nor uphold a specific faith, or religion, and have experience working with people of Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Christian, and Agnostic faith, as well as atheists.  With that mentioned, one belief upon which the practice is founded, is that every human has an inherent ability and natural desire to bring about positive, lasting change in countless, very unique, very individual ways.  Each person has also a desire to connect to his/her/their own Higher Being and has the ability to create unique and personal solutions to challenges.  Hypnotherapy is applied and geared at directing the subconscious parts of our mind, memory and past, where very key beliefs and ideas are formed that greatly affect how we live our lives in the present, while the SFBT approach places the power within the client's hands and ensures that the focus remains on the client's desired outcome.  Surrounding all of these beliefs is the foundational belief that we all arose from, and are all connected to, a Divine source (whatever that may be, or look like, for you!) that is encouraging our constant growth and transformation towards our highest and greatest selves.  Bracha Oriana Fishman identifies as a life-long learner, a healer, and an avid practitioner of mindfulness & Mahayana meditation practices (now 17 years). 

My Background


For those of you looking to get a bit more background information on me and my past experience and qualifications, allow me to introduce myself.  I am, as mentioned above, a NYS Registered Nurse Hypnotherapist, Mental Health Counselor on Limited Licensure, mother, student, lifelong learner - to name a few.  I chose to pursue mental health and incorporate hypnotherapy after practicing nursing for several years because I was compelled to use the powerful tools and skills I had gained through my own experiences and challenges in order to help others achieve freedom and personal accomplishment in a greater way that goes beyond physical health.  My motivation remains to be able to help others out of their own traumatic experiences, in the same way that I was able to arise and heal from traumatic events throughout the years.

Faith & prayer are a big part of my identity and I believe in a Higher Power, a Universal Creator that I call G-D, and I am of the Judaeo-Christian background though I am not a religious person.  Please know that although I personally rely on faith, this does not affect my practice as a nurse, hypnotherapist, or mental health counselor, and I freely counsel people of any faith, little faith, or no faith, any religion, any race, any sexual orientation or identity.   

I immigrated to the US with my family in 1988 and have since lived in various parts of the US and Israel.  I speak Russian, Hebrew and some minimal conversational Spanish (though I counsel only in English).  I incorporate various Jewish, Christian, Asian (Indian & Chinese) and Mahayana Buddhist practices & prayers into my daily routine and life-view, and unequivocally believe in and rely on meditation & prayers as a means and a source of connecting to a Higher Power; of gaining self-awareness, infusing life with wisdom, living with patient acceptance, maintaining balance, and gaining increased emotional and spiritual health and well-being.  I have lived through multiple relocations and immigration, experienced & overcome countless traumas, which include the transgenerational traumas of war, persecution & discrimination, the trauma of immigration and acculturation, the tragic murder of my 19 year-old brother in crime and violence related events, the death of a father after a brutal, but quick bout with lung cancer, the dissolution of a family related to substance use, childhood abuse and dysfunctional family relationships and lifestyle habits, and more recently the devastating effects of divorce.  I have also witnessed the devastation caused by addictions throughout my life - addictions of body and mind - which hit home very recently with the passing of my eldest brother at the age of 56 in July of 2022, and have been able to experience the direct impact of generational legacies of wrong mindsets and false beliefs firsthand.  

I am most blessed in that I can say that, throughout all that life has presented me with, I have been fortunate enough to be provided with tools and techniques to transform challenging experiences into incredible growth, and to gain immense and invaluable insight and wisdom to rise above these difficulties.  Those experiences that could have destroyed me were the very ones used to help my personal growth and development, and I am eager and excited to apply what I have learned, personally and professionally, to help you achieve your goals of personal fulfillment, freedom, growth and development.  

I am a firm believer that life is an unending series of choices, that we are meant to be perfectly imperfect, unique and in a constant and continuous state of change and "work-in-progress."  I believe that with the right guidance, a bit of hope and faith and the right insight, each of us can find a way that is unique to us by which we achieve our goals - our goals for freedom, fulfillment, self-improvement and empowerment - despite the challenges, the struggles and the pain.  That is, achieve our goals despite the family we grew up in, despite the dysfunction we saw as a child, or the obstacles and challenges of adulthood, despite the toxic relationships, despite the losses and failures.  In fact, I believe in my heart of hearts that the same Force, the same Creator that brought each of us here, is having you read these words and is ready and available to provide you with all you will need on your journey using the very things you have endured and experienced until now.  My life is, and continues to be, a living depiction of the incredible powers of Universal Kindness, Mercy, Grace and Love. 

I dedicate any & all successes, accomplishments and achievements, personally and professionally in the work with my clients to the One who is the Source of all knowledge and wisdom, the Creator, the Divine Light feeding spirit with the potential for healing, restoration and transformation, and without whom I could not be doing that which He has called upon me to do. 

Wishing you many blessings, much light, and great love!

Bracha Oriana Fishman, 

Founder of Eden Health & Faith-Based Mental Wellness,

NYS RN & Hypnotherapist & LMHC Limited License Practitioner

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