Alcohol. Drugs. When Is It A Problem?


When Is It A Problem? Audio

The main things to take from the audio and remember when you're looking to decide about whether or not a substance you have been using regularly and for more than 6 months is a problem, is to ask yourself:

-How are my relationships doing? Do I have any intimate relationships? Why or why not? If I do, are they turbulent & troubled? Does it seem to be that I'm having trouble maintaining a lasting, healthy, committed relationship? Am I being told by family and friends that I need help with my addiction, or habit? If I have a family, are they telling me they are hurt by my drinking or drugging? Have I been divorced and my partner said it was because of my drinking or drugging?

-What is the state of my body? Am I feeling healthy? Or am I having issues with my health? Weight loss or weight gain? Insomnia or chronic fatigue? Poor concentration?

-Am I able to hold down a job? Am I even seeking employment? Am I able to keep up with my responsibilities or commitments?

-Am I getting in trouble with the law? Have I been pulled over for DWI or DUI? Have I gone to jail after having used alcohol or drugs?

-Have there been times when I've been irresponsible with my life and my safety or the safety of others? Or irresponsible with my money? Have there been time where I been reckless or "uncontrollable"?

-Do I feel like my life is spiraling out of control?

-Do i find myself craving the alcohol? Or having strong urges to use the drug?

-Have i tried to curb or quit using the alcohol or the substance in the past, but relapsed back into regular use?

-Do I find myself blaming G-D for my circumstances and believing "G-D's just abandoned me"?

-Do I often feel alone & isolated?

If ANY of these questions ring a bell and cause you to find your current state in them, then I would ask you to truly consider getting help because you may be suffering with a disease that only gets worse with time...the disease of Alcoholism or Substance Use Disorder.

You can also rely on these quick screening tools to help determine if you need additional guidance with a possible substance dependence disorder:  The 4-question CAGE questionnaireor the 10-questions AUDIT screening tool, which stands for Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test.

PLEASE ALSO REMEMBER, this is not your fault! You did not bring this on yourself with poor choices and bad behavior.  Science and medicine are now discovering that alcoholism and substance abuse are, in fact, diseases.  And these diseases are triggered by the first drug use or first alcohol consumption.  That's all it takes.  A single decision to try an illicit drug, or drink regularly.  Is it possible to use drugs or drink socially without it being a problem? Sure. But then these people aren't predisposed to the disease and do not show signs of problems in their life like the ones discussed previously.  The most awesome news is that although this disease began with one wrong choice of using or drinking, it is possible to STOP the disease and even REVERSE the effects of it by taking the first step, seeking help and growing to believe that IT IS POSSIBLE FOR ME TO BE FREE OF ALCOHOL AND DRUGS!  

Whether you choose Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy, which is proven effective in helping people overcome addiction with no labels, diagnoses or medication, or you choose to rely on traditional counseling services, I encourage you to reach out for help! 

If this is for you, then may your path be blessed & grow brighter as you see success in your abstinence & recovery efforts!

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