A Reflection of Our Aliveness - Water


..."the water of Life."  This verse tells us there exists a difference between water and "living water."  Living water has the ability for restoration, healing, purification and driving all that is living, OR the ability to fuel disease, destruction, and cessation of all that is life.  This ability is encoded within its very makeup.  And it is this element of water that fascinates me!  It fascinates me because it means that it isn't static and it isn't all the same in its substance and quality.  It requires a certain environment, certain conditions within which it can communicate to us its true properties.  Water, in any of its many forms, has the ability to communicate with us in a way where it receives information from us and our environment, and then communicates back to us as though through an expression telling us whether our overall state of emotional and spiritual health is in alignment with Life, or, well, it's counterpart, destruction.  We aren't able to see these changes with our naked eye, but civilization has long since believed that it needs to become more conscious of its 'input' into the world for it recognizes our need to be "greener" and "health conscious" and "cleaner."  Civilization knows that the 'input' will drive the 'output' we experience in the future of our existence.  And since most of life on Earth is comprised of water and our human body is composed mainly of water, this element holds for us a great deal of importance in the sustenance and health of our own being, as well as the health of our World! It is a reflection of our state of health and well-being.  

Now, in a sense, we are all subject to the influences around us.  The anger and discord, hate and division, violence and intolerance, they all seep into us, are a part of us through our connection to all of Life, and become embedded into our spiritual bodies and our souls, as well as into our physical bodies through our food and water.  This would be a sad story for most of us if it ended there for it could foretell our ultimate demise.  However, there are emotional and spiritual states that seep into our souls and nurture us, sustain us, heal and restore us, filling us with all things Divine and pure: love, compassion, optimism, hope,..., to name a few and these, among other conditions and elements, are being shown to imbue the state of "life" on water.

As such. we aren't helpless victims of circumstance and situations.  We are active participants in this cycle and as such we can contribute that which will ignite the living element within water, within us, and therefore all around us.  What is it we can do? What should we 'put in' in order to 'get out' all that we seek?

In the coming weeks I am going to be embarking on a personal mission with the help of my most awesome assistant, Eden, to track the effect of speech and intention on this "living matter" we call water and share with you tools to making living matter more "Alive."  In essence, I'll be replicating the simple experiment of Masaru Emoto and then launching a blog on the Power of Speech & Intention in Creation.  I will also be sharing some basic tenets of RTT Hypnotherapy that are very much in alignment with these truths and that make RTT - Rapid Transformational Therapy - such a very effective tool in combination with energy clearing and energy medicine techniques to provide you rapid results.  Whether you seek freedom from addiction, to clear out past blocks and traumas, desire to be restored to health and wholeness through diet and weight reduction, or whether you seek to transform your life and live healthier and happier, you should know that you are one reflection away from seeing the image in your heart reflected as the life before you,  

Recommended documentary on water and the extensive research by scientist Masaru Emoto and others:


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